I am using intel 845G motherboard(2 GHz). On my ram, DDR333 is written, what does that mean? does that mean DDR1, DDR2 or DDR3?? i want to buy a new ram. which ram would be compatible for my motherboard. and what are the other factors that i have to look into while buying a ram???

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Look your motherboard up on crucial. www.crucial.com

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I did some Googling (intel 845g DDR333 DDR1 DDR2) and found this--take a look.

Is it possible to Change DDR 333MHz RAM to DDR-1 or DDR-2? - Yahoo ...13 Feb 2009 ... Is DDR1 or DDR2 is compatible with my board. Please help. 2 years ago ... DDR-333 166 MHz 6 ns 166 MHz 333 Million 2.5±0.2 V PC-2700 2700 MB/s. INTEL 478 SOCKET M.BOARD 845 CHIPSET 478 PIN DDR1 RAM 256 MB 333 MHZ ...
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I hope it helps you some.

A socket 478 is going to be DDR1 only. DDR1 ram was originally called DDR until DDR2 came about when the 2 needed to differentiated between.

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