my friend's pc stopped working. technician told that motherboard and smps is damaged. rest of the things in that pc is-p3 processor, 512MB sdram and 40GB ide hard disk. Now my friend is planning to buy a new SMPS.Motherboard, Ram and Processor. his doubt is, does the old hard disk with this new motherboard?.

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New motherboards generally support sata drives. Some also have ide ports, but it would not be recommended to use an old/slow ide drive with a new system, given a 2TB 7200 rpm drive is under $100 USD these days.

If your friends would buy an old motherboard with IDE port, then just buy older one. Most new motherboard doesn't support IDE anymore which make your friends HDD need a new one too...

If still need to use some files on old HDD, just copy over to new one or clone it using Ghost program.

Is your friend PC is damn old, why not buy a new one? ( If he has the budget )

thank you all for the reply. the pc is not very old. it's a 2006 model in his words.

thank you all for the reply. the pc is not very old. it's a 2006 model in his words.

p3 processor

without a doubt this is an old pc.

P3 was way back before P4, Core series and i series was launch.
Most computer now use DDR RAM instead of SD RAM
And most computer now doesn't use IDE anymore (SATA)

Just like Jingda said, I recommend your friends to purchase a new computer. You can get around $300 for an average new computer instead of $50 for an old computer in an used computer store

In my honest opinion that machine isn't worth salvaging. It's going to cost him ~$100 for a new motherboard and with those specs it's just not worth it. Better to put that $100 towards a new machine.

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