I've just been given a second hand/pre-owned Motherboard/CPU.
And as it is potentially better than the one my daughter has I'd like to try and get it up and running.

Some info:-

Motherboard - Imperial G 20020828 (this is the only info I can find on the board).
CPU - P4 2.4Ghz / 533FSB socket 478.
RAM - 1GB PC2700 in two 512Mb sticks.
GPU - AGP slot / None fitted yet.
HDD - None yet.

The board came with only the CPU fitted - no case, no PSU, no HDD.
I have loads of spare parts that will suit - PSU's, cases, HDD's RAM etc.
However, as it came with no HDD when I try to boot it with a HDD it wont boot to windows.
I've tried it with three different HDD's up to now but without success.

Unfortunately all the HDD's I have are from other machines (though they boot XP on other PC's)so I suspect this is what's causing the problem.

I think the motherboard is from an 'E-Machines' PC.
I have a couple of original 'E-Machines' restore CD's from another PC (windows XP).
Is it worth trying to 're-install' one of the HDD's using these CD's.
I don't want to overwrite a HD that works on my daughters current PC unless I'm pretty sure of success. Her PC was pre-owned and has no Windows XP CD with it.



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You are right about the Motherboard being from an E-Machine. If you have spare HDD, put in some data into it ( Not important ) and try it with the Imperial motherboard. Use the emachine cd and try reinstalling the HDD and see if that works.

Thanks for the reply.

The HDD's I tried were either not recognised or just showed 'Loading Windows' with a white load bar filling up then restarting the machine.

I'll try the spare HDD's I've got as slave drives then (hopefully) re-format them and try the E-Machines restore CD's with the Imperial G motherboard.


OK - I did as you advised and Windows is now installed succesfully and is up and running.

Thank you for your assistance Jingda.



Good to hear that. Do come back to this forum is you have any problems in the future. See ya then;)

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