I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 with Windows 7

When I am running on battery power, I used to get a warning at 10% in the lower right of the screen telling me to plug in.

I no longer receive this message. Instead, I receive a more serious warning at 7% in the middle of the screen that tells me to plug in.

What happened? Why is my laptop behaving differently?

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did yo check the power options to check on when it warns of dying battery to see if its been changed ,

right click on battery icon by the clock and choose power option and check around in there for the settings

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I have checked the options. Low battery level is 10%. Nothing was changed. The message just stopped popping up at 10%.


I changed to 15%; it worked a couple of times. It stopped working. I change it to different levels. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't


hard to fix something that ,sometimes it works sometime it doesn't ,i really have no other suggestions sorry


Your battery might be faulty, what is the cycle count of your battery?

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