I am trying to install XP on an old computer I'm putting back together. I have tried four different HDD, but none of them work. The only one that is in some way being detected displays a blank line at the "IDE Channel 1 Master" slot instead of displaying "None" at the "Detecting IDE Devices". I have tried jumper settings on the HDD, clear CMOS, and changed around some setting in the BIOS setup. And if I need to reload or update the BIOS, how might I go about doing that.

Motherboard: Abit KD7A
RAM: 1024 MB PC2700U
HD: Western Digital 160GB
CPU: AMD Anthlon 1833MHz

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Did you can boot with the HDD that shown blank line in BIOS? Also check your IDE cable as well. There should be 2 IDE slot so try each one for each HDD for confirmation. If that not work, use other IDE cable if it's available (you might need to salvage any old computer's cable and try it.

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