hello to everyone... all are saying simply change the motherboard if that is dead...but some technical guys are known to repair it..but i didn't know how they do and i still search in net to get details about that...IF ANY ONE KNOW TUTORIAL OR EBOOK PLEASE POST THE LINKS..because some simple short in pin can make motherboard not working and we spend more money to replace..

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Most modern boards are wave soldered, and are heat sensitive. Repairing them (removing, replacing soldered components) requires skill (experience) and specialized soldering tools. It can be done, but not usually by an inexperienced technician. Example - an on-board capacitor has failed and needs to be replaced. Finding the proper replacement part is usually not difficult, but replacing it is not so easy. It takes practice, and as I said, requires the proper soldering tools to do this.

most motherboards are not worth the repair cost ,cheaper to replace it .

most motherboards are not worth the repair cost ,cheaper to replace it .

Well, if the failed part is simple (not an IC, but just a capacitor or resistor) and you have the equipment and skills, then it can be a lot cheaper to repair. Example: a client needs a mobo for his HP laptop. Replacement w/ exchange is almost $270 USD. If it were a simple cap replacement, the part would be a few bucks (including shipping), and it would take 5 minutes to R&R. However, if the part was an IC (more likely), then the likelihood of a reliable repair goes into the crapper and replacing the mobo is a better option.

thats why i used the word Most in my post

thats why i used the word Most in my post

Agreed! :-)

You should go to the service center of that your mother board, ask them if they can repair your mother board. :)

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Or if you live in California then just drop by the phoenix foundation and Macgyver can fix it for you. I'm sure if you provide him a pin, some duct tape, blue tack and don't steal his Swiss army knife then I'm sure he can fix it in no time. In fact I saw Macgyver fix a motherboard in season three I think it was.

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