Whenever I turn on my gaming PC, I get green scanlines on the BIOS screen. Does this mean my video card is FUBAR?

Thanks in advance


Do you know of any tutorial (written or video) that would explain to me how to replace the video card once it's fried?

Thanks again,

It's quite straight forward. Remove the side panel, remove the card bay screw that holds the card, unclip the clip at the other end of the card, uplug any power cables on the card, then pull it out. You do the reverse to fit a new one.

Just make sure you remove all drivers in device manager and all software related to the card in add/remove programs fist if you intend fitting a different card.

But that's the problem, I can't boot into Windows to remove the drivers.

Once the new card is fitted, boot into safe mode (by pressing F8) and remove the drivers. Let it reboot into normal mode, install the new drivers.

Just try to boot on safe mode.... It might be helpful....

The card didn't display anything, so there was no way I could see to boot into safe mode. I've gotten a new card since then. Thanks everyone!:D

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