we are to distribute portable software (which is free). along with that we are giving away a unique file which we don't want people to copy, but on the other hand, they can paste anything they want in USB.

easy solution is to bind that file to exe file. so, file won't work if people run the file with other exe.

is that possible? any tool available? or do you know who can make such app for us?


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can you try to rephrase your q? Are you trying to make a hidden file or a file that doesn't work when someone tries to view it? Change the type of file to like a .exe or any letters (change it back to the original when going to view / open it). Let's say it originally was "blueprints.jpg" change it to ".virus.exe" (the . at the beginning should make it invisible, and who wants to download a file called virus, and if they try, nothing will run cause it is not a executable.


Sorry, I was not sure what you were asking? Is that on the right track or am I far off?

check original poster name ,not the same as the last poster ,and this thread is old but not really old ,but original poster has not posted since November of last year

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