I have a 1998 CTX EZBOOK laptop. When I turn it on I get an error message that reads "Operating System Not Found". When I insert my Windows 98 CD I get the same message. When I inserted my CTX Restore 98 CD I gotthe message:

"Checking HD partitions...
Invalid dive specifications...
This will make the HD partition...

No fixed disks present"

When I inserted my Windows XP CD I got a message that read:
"Setup did not find any HDD installed on your computer."

So I went into BIOS and restored the factory settings.

And now I'm getting the error message: "File PCIIDE.SYS is currupted".

I have no idea what to do. Can someone please give me some advice?

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When you restored the BIOS were the date and time wrong before the restore? If so you probably have a bad CMOS battery which would not keep power on the BIOS storage chip allowing the BIOS to clear when the laptop is turned off. With a 1998 laptop, this would be the first thing I would check. Next I would look at the hard drive itself. If it is the original hard drive that came in the laptop then it is very possble the drive may be going bad. You may be able to run diagnostic software from the hard drive manufacturer's web site to check the drive. One thing you can try, in an attempt to recover anything on the hard drive, is to remove the hard drive, put it in a plastic bag and the drive in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then reinstall the drive and attempt to boot the system. I have had some luck recovering files from a dying drive this way.

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