I am new to this forum and wonderin if i could get a little help on my computer since i am a poor college student and i need to see if i can fix this problem myself....but anyways heres the low down..

I was playing counterstrike then suddenly things didnt seem right (froze)...so i restarted the computer and i got the blue screen of death but...i had gotten it before so i just resetted the cmos and doin that makes the computer boot normal again...but this time it kept going back to the blue screen...so i peeked around my computer to figure something out...well...i noticed alot of dust on my processor, processor fan and the heatsink...well...i took the heatsink off the cpu and cleaned it off a bit...then i noticed this grey matter on my processor so i cleaned that off....later to find out that is a special compound...i thought it was dust....but we live and learn i suppose. anyways..now my computer will not even boot..it turns on for about 2-5 secs....then the fans shut off and everything...cept for this wierd sound that goes on forever....like this....deeeee durrrr deeee durrr deeee durrrr deeee duurrrrr....it goes on and on and on...i cant figure out what this is...any help would be greatly appreciated!!...and the motherboard is an M7NCD and the processor is an amd athlon socket 462 or something like that...the computer is custom built...hope that helps you figure more of whatever is wrong..thanks again..

below is the website for my mobo


That paste that you were referring to is a thermal compound, it helps create a bond between the heatsink assembley and the CPU. If you removed this and reassembled the heatsink and CPU, I will bet you that your problem is the CPU is overheating, and your motherboard is trying to save its life by shutting it down.

Artic Silver is one of the more popular brands of thermal paste available.

Clean both surfaces well, use a lint free cloth, do not use any type of solvent, and apply a thin even coat to the CPU and reassemble it, if you haven't damaged it you should be good to go. If you get excess paste, you will want to clean this up, the Arctic silver has silver in it, silver is a conductor of electricity.

Before you close the case, clean it out with canned air, when you use it to clean the fan, put a pencil through the blades to keep it from spinning.

One last thing, before you close the case, check all of your connections, things tend to get jostled about when you muck around inside.

I hope this helps.