hi i wonder if anyone can help , i was fixing a friends old sat pro because the hard drive was goosed.

i put a partition on the hard rive as he cant afford a new one as yet, this worked fine... i then started installing xp on it and half way through it just shut down

now it will only turn on for a few seconds then turns off . i get the toshiba screen but only for a few seconds.

Ive removed the bios battery to reset it and still nothing, ive removed the HDD and the memory sticks and still nothing.

it wont stay on long enough to see the bios settings or to boot from cd etc , and starting it with or without mains power/battery makes no difference

IT WILL ONLY SWITCH ON FOR A FEW SECONDS WHEN I HAVE REMOVED THEN REINSERTED THE BATTERY , if i dont reinsert the battery it wont even siwtch on.

any advice would be really appreciated as i have to explain to him how i broke it otherwise!!

the laptop was running fine up until i tried to install xpp

It sounds like a power supply problem. The Windows Xp situation is a coincidence, based on your description. You can easily test this theory by downloading any version of Linux that will completely boot from the cd drive, or a USB stick, taking the hard drive out of the picture.

Another possibility -- might need a new battery. They don't last forever.

can the batterys just die in an instant? and ive already removed the hard drive..surely the laptop should stay turned on even if it has nothing to boot?

Could be the battery, but most of these laptops will work if the battery is not plugged into the laptop, but the power plug is connected. If you remove the battery and plug in AC power and it still doesnt power up, I would continue to focus on a power supply or motherboard issue.

These are usually the most difficult issues to resolve for mobile devices because you cannot simply run to the nearest computer store and find comparable parts to use, like a traditional desktop computer.

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