Hello, I am having troubles with my PC. I connected it via an ethernet cable to my PS3 for online play. When I test the connection on the PS3, the PC reboots and reports the shutdown as a blue screen error. After 2 more attempts it finally worked but as I was playing online on the PS3, the whole PC shut down and the power light was blinking. Can anyone please tell me what the issue is, whether it is my PC, he PS3 or the cable.

My PC specs are as follows
MSI GD65 z77A motherboard
Intel core i7 3770K
8GB Corsa DDR3 1866 RAM
MSI R6850 graphics card
700 watt power supply.

Please help me before I do more damage to my PC
Thank you.

So, you are running overclocked at 3.77GHz, correct? This may be causing issues with bus I/O. Try resetting the clock to normal and see what happens. Also, your power supply may be failing. When you overclock a system, it sucks up more power.

Thanks, I reset it and so far, it all seems normal. Think you were right aout the power usage

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