I work for an onsite technician company, so, I had a customer yesterday evening whose computer would not power on.

When I arrived it was as described, press the power button and nothing happens. The PSU had a faint green blinking light on the back but did not apppear to idle when the power button was pressed, nor did it power any of the components.

I replaced it with a power supply I bought on the way there. Afterwards, the power button gave power to the supply (and the front LED case light worked) and everything in the machine booted except the processor fan did not spin at all, and the boot process never began on screen.

I am wondering, would the motherboard or CPU be dead? I am thinking the P4 plug on that PSU might be a piece of crap too, so I will try a molex to P4 adapter.

I believe this was a 600W PSU and this is a 7 year old HP media center so its more than ample.

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never know for sure ,but the fack the cpu fan didn't work ,leads my brain towards the cpu being overheated ,no fan lots of heat ,only way i know to check for sure is try a working fan and cpu ,process of elimitation

please don't take this the wrong way,i have been fixing computers for years ,no training so i cant get a job with a onsite tech company ,tips on how to get one would be great

if it were just the fan the computer would still boot ,but shut down quickly because of overheating

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