Obviously, this is years after the string was started and ended. I was having trouble getting Windows to recognize my new 2TB Toshiba DT01ACA200ATA drive. As mentioned by others, "Device Driver" sees it, but Windows does not. I used David1988's solution and assigned it a drive letter in "Disk management" (can be accessed by typing it in the search line at the bottom of the Windows 'Start' button). Worked great. Thanks to all of you who are posting problems and solutions- It saved my day! Dave

dears please help , i put the external drive , it can be seen in the device manager but not in my computer, the problem is when i try to do anything in the disk managment , it freezes

may be ur operating system does not work poperly. so it is not showing right

Man you solved my problem so easily.
I tried formatting my drive, rebooted in bios so many times.

Did not know it was that simple.
Thank you so much.

chee chee coo coo puff :P

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