Hi All,
I have a home-built PC running W7 pro with a Sata drive as the primary drive, and a second PATA drive for general file storage. This has been running fine for a couple of years. I have recently installed a hot swap sata drive bay into the pc, so I can plug my new SSD drive in and make backups. When I click into the system tray / notification area to 'safely eject device' I select the SSD drive, but the system 'ejects' both the SSD drive and the PATA drive. The PATA drive no longer shows up in 'My Computer' and no longer shows up in Computer Management / Storage. I have to reboot the PC to get the PATA drive to show again.

Firstly - how do I only eject the SSD drive?
Secondly - do I need to 'safely eject' if I know my backup to the SSD has finished - can I just take it out?

Many thanks,

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Does the drive tray use a single sata connection or does it have a sata lead per drive slot?

IF it's a single lead, there would be some on board logic to show multiple drives through the simgle conenction, but it would still be 1 device you are ejecting, affecting all other connected devices.

The cages with multiple leads conenct 1 drive to 1 port with no onboard logic to speak of.

The drive bay can take up to 2 sata drives, and has two power leads and two sata header leads (and an e-sata lead). But the problem is that when I click on 'eject sata drive' it also loses the internal PATA drive

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