For like a year now my computer has been acting up. It was working perfecct before but then it suddenly started shutting offafter a while. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it but then I wiggled the VGA wire and it started working again. This went for about a week.After this wek was up it would start up snf once the vista screen appeared it just shut down. I think it might be the power supply because I heard somewhere else that the power supply can sometimes overheat over a long period of time from being too dusty. For a while I thought it was the graphics card because I had wiggled the VGA wire before and it worked. But the graphics card seems fine and has been cleaned. If anyone needs more information or pictures of it just ask. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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Before it shuts down, do you see an error on the screen? Have you opened the PC to make sure the expansion cards are secured?

acting up for a yearnow,well yo ucant say it didnt give you warning ,i would have the power supply checked

The computer shuts down immediately after booting up. There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it. There is no error message that pops up. I also opened it up and secured all the screws for the graphics card and such. And when I said a year I meant this problem started about a year ago and I haven't consulted for help yet, sorry for the confusion.

did you unplug the video card[also make sure if the card has a fan on it ,that the fan is spinning when turned on ] and reinstall it back into it slot on the board ,also do same with the ram chips .and make sure that the cpu fan is clean of dust build up

In all there are 3 fans in my computer. One on the motherboard, one on the graphics card, and one on the glass cover on the side of the computer. All three were already cleaned and spin perfectly. I did unplug both RAM chips and the graphics card again and the same problem occurred.

remove all addin cards ,if any ,is you video device built into the mothereboard or a addin card ,if addin card remove it and try booting ,see if it shuts down ,,remove all but one ram stick ,if more than one ,bootup and hope like hell it boots .

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