was seeing some movie sunddenly there was a power cut and after turning it on ......in the bios...HDD is dectected bt not the size...as there was data in the HDD...didnt do anything...so got a HDD (older one) installed XP.....installed getdataback....icare recovery.....diskgenius....n some more....the 500GB HD just shows as 8GB HDD in all the softwares......so wanna know how to recover the data...its seagate hard disc.....tried even seagate tools..bt no use.....plz help me out getting the data back :(

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first thing i would do is remove it from computer and hook it to another computer to see how it reads and maybe get the data off it ,if you can get the data off i then would try seatools and try to write the drive to zeros and start over


I 'lost' a fat32 external drive in same type of fault. needed to reformat totally using special fat32 formatter from HP as size restrictions refused any fat32 normal format (owing to 4mg file size problems. It seems as though your drive has losts its fat32 index and therefore can't rerad disk size or data..
I detected and copied the dazta using linux! (then formatted and copied data back)

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