Chaps, just bought a Hard drive docking station for my 3.5" Hard Drive.
This can be used for all sort of things, 3.5, 2.5, SD, USB etc etc, you can see it in the first picture 6d7dc6ccb7cbf1014d447a842a474237

At the bottom there is a button that has allegedly something to do with what sort of HD you use: one position if for 3.5' and one is for 2.5'. I had a look on the instruction, on youtube and some guides I have managed to download from the net but none of them mentions this at all. I left the switch as it is in the picture

and I plugged my 3.5'HD. It worked and the data seem to be opening ok, so hopefully I haven't fried anything but I wonder how true this thing with the switch it. If you wonder where I icked that up, it was from the picture that is on ebay, you can see it here if you scroll down
Has it got anything to do with the power supply or something? Any idea as to what I should do?

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Hello Violet, glad to see that you finally managed to recover your data, after your previous post!

I can't think of any reason for it to change the voltage, consider there are two different slots for the different sized HDDs. As you are using a 3.5" HDD I wouldn't worry about it, as the 3.5 shall require a higher voltage than a 2.5 anyway, so you won't of done any damage or risked frying anything!

If you do end up using a 2.5" HDD, just flip the switch and see what happens. The HDD should regulate the voltage itself (to an extent, obviously sending 240V through it won't help), but a 2.5" takes around 5V and a 3.5" around 10V (both require a bit more when they spin up to begin with).

hi AHarrisGsy,
yes thanks all seemed to have gone well! ok if you say it's safe then I will do what you said, I don't think I will use a 2.5" for quite a while anyway. I assume I can leave the switch wherever it is even if I use a usb and/or a sd card? Unfortunately I don't know much about voltage etc etc so it is completely new stuff for me!

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