When i switch on my pc i gat no post beeps and my monitors on off light just keeps flashing blue

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What ive tried so far is to boot with ram out i get beep then. I put it back in and took off mouse and keyboard, tried new monitor still same problem, the blue on off light on monitor just flashes with nothing on monitor


might be your monitor cable is damaged. might be your motherboard is damaged. it can be so many problems. sometime a hardware creates problems and does not allow the oc to boot. try removing some hardware like cd rom, hard drive, ram etc and then boot. you will find the problematic hardware then.


Basic questions. Did it work? when did stop it working? Did you add anything or take anything out of the system? Try the 'strip to a basic system' PSU, M/board, memory,and monitor connected only. If you can't get a display then does the system have an onboard video controller if yes try removing the VGA card and use the OBoard VGA. IF no then beg, borrow, another VGA controller card (as close to what you had) and try that. If you can't do that then buy a another VGA controller (very tempting to do and upgrade whilst your at it, but not a good idea!) second hand is OK if you can get it tested, and or get the original one tested is better.


Its a ram problem i hope. Just try this soln also. It helped me a lot.

try to boot the system using a cd drive which consists of os cd.

If the screen shows the installation procedure, you are safe and now you can cancel installation and reboot your system.


the problem is with your moniter cable[Soln: try other cable]


the problem is with your motherboard.

Hope this helps.

Have a happy time

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