After a windows update, my sons laptop kept rebooting, (windows 7), finally got it to stay on and finishing installing, shut it down to come back to something at a later date, and turned it on, only to see the blue lighly it come on, hear the fans, and immediately shuts back of.

Ive ruled out the power, for my mother has a E527 same battery etc, put that in, and did the same thing. Turned it on, got the power on light, hear the fans kick in, and shuts down.

I'm at the end of my rope, if only I could get into safe mode or just wipe it clean and start over would be a blessing. But no chance of that happening in its state.

Memory? Please I'm open to any ideas..

Thank you

A couple of possibilities come to mind:

Could be over heating. If the CPU Fan gets clogged or has something covering the intake the laptop will shutdown to prevent you from burning out the CPU. Check to fell if you have some sort of air flow out of the vents on the laptop.

Do you get any sort of message on the screen or does it shut of immediatly? If it is shutting down immeditly then you have a mmajor hardware issue. If nothing else open the covers on the bottom of the laptop and make sure the memory is seated correctly.