I bought an OCZ Vector SSD about 6-8 months ago for a new build and currently have Win 7 installed on it. I haven't had any problems yet (touch wood) and it still runs lovely and quick.
I installed and ran Astra32 today and it reports my SSD drive health status as being poor. Could this be correct? How accurate is that software? I was thinking maybe that only applies to the traditional HDDs and not SSDs as it has been a feature of it for a long time. Any thoughts would be appreciated

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I don't know about Astra32, but if it is looking at the smart interface of the SSD, then it is probably correct. SMART is a tool on most all current drives that monitors in real-time the behavior of the drive, including disk read errors, sector remapping, temperature, etc. On my Linux system, I use it to monitor my drives, and when it indicates that a drive is starting to degrade, or fail, then I know I need to replace it. I had a failing drive this week that because the SMART interface informed me of this situation, I was able to back up the data to a new drive to replace it. It is now FUBAR, but because I saw the situation in time, I lost no data (including all of my Doctor Who collections, going back into the 1960's).


Ok thanks for your help. I downloaded a program called CrystalDiskInfo which can apparently do what you said and that reported the health of my SSD as good so hopefully all is good.

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