Hi there, since my own lappy having crush in graphic chip i'm borrowing my sister.Poorly i didn't check it. Once i bring to my dormitory i just found the message PXE-E61 media test failure, check cable. The time it start to enter the program it's suddenly die, like there's no power supply at all. I did reeboting for several times, and it turned on. Though next to turn it on the same problem happening. Now, i'm trying to do the same and it never ON. When the bar is on progress it's die. It's an old OS, Vista. Help please.


The PXE-E61 error is nothing to worry about. PXE is the Pre- eXecution Environment that can be used to boot your computer from the network to load the OS or other system tools straight into memory. If it is failing not long after this then I bet the CMSO battery is dead or dying (possibly the laptop battery itself is the issue). You need to go into setup and set the system time and date and make sure that you see the hard drive properly, then save and exit. Computer will reboot and probably boot from the drive properly.