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Please give me a good opinion. I have a laptop Acer 6920g. Recently i observed that everytime i open it not in use for several hours in other words COLD START it always freeze sometimes re starting. Its like 5 seconds from the start. When i re open again it seems no problem at all ican use it no problem for many hours no freezing even re starting. My question is what are the probabble cause of freezing and starting. Is there a possible my processor going bad or any software or hardware related. Please give me a good advic.

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When you buy your laptop ? and how many times you service your machine especially for it cooling system ?

Once, last year. it removed the dust from the heatsink and re apply the thermal paste.... I obsereved once it open i try to log out and re start many times it seems no problem at all. It only happen the re starting and freezing in cold start. Is it possible infected by virus it needed reformat? By the way i bought it last 3 yrs ago.

Recommended service the cooling system is every 6 month, but I prefer every year or depend on the machine state, if we continue use our machine without servicing the cooling system, the motherboard will crack anytime.

In my experience, the most cases for hard drive failure is in range of 5-6 year usage, and for minority cases within 1 year, and also 10 year.

Some of cases also almost same symptoms as you described. But, don't straight away jump to my point, you may format it first to check the healthy of your hard drive. It also will save your budget.
But I suggest all your important data were backup from partition C to other partition or external for safety.

Owh, one more thing, try check your BOOT order in BIOS, and make sure the hard drive in first boot order for fast boot time.

And one more tips, before hard drive going totaled, sometimes it shown some of the symptoms like full activities on HDD LED even you are doing nothing on your machine n when you check the task manager, there's no program that consume to hard drive activities. and when you hear closely to your machine where the hard drive located, it sound is continuously repeat the same movement of hard drive head.

That's what from my own experience....

temperature problem....but maybe your computer also got HDD problem because its freezing, i recommend you to check your HDD before its too late.

When you say "open it" do you mean you are turning it on from being completely off or do you mean you are waking it from sleep mode?
It is importand to clarify which of these you usually do.

I installed Core temp to determine the temperuture of the processor is normal; and its reading is in low temperature in 28c at idle. I want to know if the processor going bad there is a possible that the temperature is still normal or high. And also is there a possible if windows software one of the file damage or missing can encounter also this kind of scenarrio like freezing and re starting only when windows log in? afetr i re start its work ok theres no more experiecing the freezing or re starting when im working in my laptop. Friends hope to give me a good advice and thanks so much for the time.

it can be RAm problem

Disk clean up and disk fragmentation can help you in this regard. Spyware, malware and other malicious viruses can also be the reason for freezing. Anti-virus programs can be downloaded and installed on your system as it helps detecting and removing the viruses out of your system.

I'm suspecting it is a thermal problem related to your video chipset. It often happens that vendors don't always give enough attention to cooling for the video chipset and they, over the years eventually begin to reap the effects of heat and cooling that deteriorates its performance and connections.

But, just in case it isn't, please follow these checks:

Does it freeze when you see the Windows logo, what we call the splash screen?

If it does freeze at the splash screen, then when you can successfully log in you will need to find your way to the event viewer.

Click on Start > right-click 'Computer' and choose 'Manage' > open Event Viewer > Windows Logs > System

Look down the list for red errors and tell us what you find please.

its like when i turn on my laptop only the time when its cold it locks on the Windows screen with a little loading bar at the buttom. Once i reset and select start windows normally it works fine; nothing happen even i used it for 3 hours. And i also observed that the applications are slow to appear it takes 3 to 5 minutes before it appear on the screen. Is there a possible because of the thermal problem on the VIDEO CHIPSET? Why is it i encounter the problem only on the cold start after that it runs smooth already. Is there a possible need to reformat the os? By the way i downgrade my operating system from windows vista to windows xp sp3. The first install the windos xp it works good no problem. I encountered a problem after 6 months? Do there a possible in the os problem. Please give me another possible cure. Thanks so much.

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