I'm having a problem with my display
I can't see display whenever i start my computer
So i thought to check with different monitor and i got the same problem with others also
Later i raplaced my HDD with my friend's PC then it worked fine
Guys any solution ???

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hello and welcome to danoweb .

so you hooke you monitor to your frieds computer and it worked ,so we know it not you monitor .

so it eithor you video device is not working ,or your compurt is not fully working and is not booting to display .
first you need to check if the video device in your computer is [intergrated ] built into the motherboard .or if it a addin device ,in a slot into the motherboard .

Ya i've checked everything and later i come to know that i'd problem with BIOS
So i reset the BIOS and then PC is working good
But DVD-ROM is not showing in my computer but when i put some CD in Drive and restart the computer then, it will show
I'm not getting what's wrong with my PC ??

Have you got that Norton crap on your computer? If so, it is the reason your cd drive wont show up.
You need to get rid of Norton using the Norton removal tool then replace it with a decent protective program then use regedit to find the registry keys for upper filter and lower filter and remove them.

I've Microsoft essential antivirus
Even i checked for Upper and lower filters but i didn't find them
So i thought to delete that whole thing but it's giving an error

Delete what whole thing???

Tried but while deleting it's giving an error

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