i purchased new 1/2012 rarely used it all this time maybe 20-30 times [used older dell] but love the speed this one gives.
went to turn it on it shut off done it a few times, battery fully charged & charging while plugged in, plug outlet etc all fine
have the meter on screen bigger meter can be 4% i've seen it go to 28% smaller meter stays about 30's not certain its over heating...like i said rarely used so even if it got dusty sitting it wasn't drawing in any.

was on facebook when it happened yet another time twitter accessing emails....thought perhaps hackers? virus? space aliens???? whats going on?

warranty was up in jan & i just made my last payment in july on it....surprised it worked today tried it 3 times last evening kept shutting down with start up not past toshiba logo


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Never close the 'lid' of a laptop while it is shutting down. Wait until the laptop is completely off before closing it. If you don't do it this way then the laptop will sleep/hibernate instead of completing the shutdown. So, when you turn the laptop on again it will resume the Shutdown process and turn off instead of booting as you would expect.

Now let's test the battery. Fully charge the battery, shut down the laptop, remove the power cable, remove the battery. While the cable is disconnected and the battery is out press the power button. Attach the battery and turn the laptop on. When it finishes booting and has fully loaded Windows, how much battery power is it reporting in terms of percentage and time left?

As you have had this laptop for some time now, you might find it helpful to download Superantispyware and Malwarebytes and give your computer a check over. Is your Antivirus up to date?

i have done battery check it chargers it & stays fully charged - i pulled battery & held button - i wait until it shuts off before i use close cover.
it will work 1 day with no problems then next day it won't stay turned on at all maybe 2 days later it'll work
i have nod32 its ran scans found nothing i have spybot they find some cookies that are susupicious but nothing else

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