Hello Comrades,

I have planned to buy new desktop for multimedia work.
I have to keep my budget within Rupees 50000/- ( nearly US $ 1000 ).for whole system

My work relates to multimedia contents,like,
- editind video-audio files
- create large movies in macromedia flash
- Copying and storing large video ( above 5 GB ) files
- Burning DVDs ( 8 GB ) with captured movies
- Blue ray disk support
- MIDI support for creating playback music with Musical keyboard
- Use of Photoshop,Flash and other high end graphics and animation

When I went online,the details of comparison even more confused.
I don't get what I exactly want there.
I need help and comments from Hardware experts of our community.
Please help to buy the best for me.

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Do you want to run Windows, or Linux? With Linux, most software is free, which in a Windows system is often not the case, especially for video editing software. So, your budget is only for hardware?

I will use windows,specifically windows 7.Should I go for Intel or AMD ?

You might want to run x64 on that system

Yes.I will run windows 64 bit.My above budget is for hard wares only.
Can any one suggest me best combination of MB and processor ?

I have no idea about prices in your area, so I will only suggest in general.
I recommend that you buy at least core i5 4.gen. CPU (i7 might be better if you can afford it ofc. - some encoding software use multicore better, and thus work faster)
motherboard could be ASUS, MSI or similar big-brand. (all support BlueRay if SATA-300 or better) - go for the best offer in your area
No less than 8GB, 1600 MHz RAM (preferable 2x8=16 GB)
If possible - add a high end GFX (Nvidia Titan, GTX 780-ti, or better), or keep it in mind for future upgrade.
a good powersupply - at least 650-800 Watt if you plan to upgrade GFX later.
The box is not important - reuse an old one if possible.

copying is of cause faster on SSD, but f.ex. my WD-Red series 4 TB disk transfer ~60 MByte/sec average on huge files (+50GByte).

i thought a 980 would be good but way too much and a titan z way too much

Either an AMD or Intel current build 64-bit processor would work. Go for higher CPU speeds (3GHz or faster). More RAM is better (8-32GB - 8 is on the low end. 16 is good). An nVidia graphics card is preferred, but get a power supply of at least 750 watts. Disc drive is not so much an issue. At this point, don't bother with a higher priced SSD. Get a good (Hitachi, Samsung, or Western Digital) 7200 rpm disc drive - 500GB to 1TB will serve you well. Then, there is the display(s). Myself, I like a dual 1920x1200 setup with 24" monitors. Why dual displays? Because you can run the system applications on one, and view the video output on the other at the same time.

I thought Asrock was a good motherboard?

Thanks friends.
I am planning for Intel Core-i7 with extra graphics and sound.
I will not prefer to choose AMD to stay within budget limit.

Hi, so a computer sought for intensive multimedia projects.
sustained read / writes ? very high device heat
Budget = US$1,000 max

I suggest a used workstation spec desktop with oem Windows 7 and enterprise spec hdd ( with intact recovery partition) from a clean environment
4Gb ram memory expandable to 8GB plus
Sourced from auction sites cost maybe $300 + shipping

From there user upgrade
Second enterprise spec hard disk drive (c $250 )
Latest rendering support video card of modest spec ( c $150 )
Games spec backlit or high contrast white key/black letter wifi kb + mouse
(c $50 )
Uninterruptable Power Supply ( c $100 )

Under house budget ;-) room airconditioning to keep ambient air temp at / below 25 degrees C
Mains power coffee cup warmer

Titan X has got a hefty pricetag at $1300 that take a long time for me to save up especially since im only in year 10 and plus my cpu wont handle it so that means i have to go for an i7 5th gen the latest one thats out

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