hey every one i have a usb flash drive of about 8 GB of capacity but i cant access it even if i try to format it it says unable to format even if i use Diskpart using the cmd what can i do to recover it proberbily with out loosing data

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I've had the same problem in the past with Windows. The solution was to remove the USB ports and/or hubs from the Device Manager, and then reboot the computer. That does a clean re-install of the USB hubs and ports and then usually it will recognize the thumb drive when you plug it in again.

There is probably no definite answer to that my friend.

EaseUs Partition Master can fully restore it i think but it will format the disk There is probably no tool that can restore the Flash Device without it loosing data. But I may be wrong.

Also another question have you tried using it on the back ports of the computer???

no my computer only has side ports thats Acer laptop

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