I have a Asus A8N-E motherboard on my PC and have a problem with the on board sound card which is 5.1 channel with settings to allow you to use 2 channel speakers

I am using 2 channel speakers and have adjusted the settings accordingly, however when I plug my speakers into the rear connection I only get sound from one speaker, if I connect them to the front headset I get perfect sound from both speakers.

By a process of illimination (technical term for messing about with something you dont know much about) I found that if you disconnect the front connection from the motherboad, and loop the those connectors on the motherboard the rear connection now works perfectly.

So I now have both speakers working perfectly connected to the rear connection, but as the front connection has been disconnected I now have to pull the tower out each time I want to use my headphones or the base station for cordless speakers.

Has anyone had this problem? or can anyone suggest a fix.

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Best bet would be to email Asus, or check anantech or hardocp forums as they have long running A8N-E threads.

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