My Toshiba L770 Satellite Laptop does not power up, no LEDs lit when power adapter is plugged in. Power adapter producing 19.4 volts. Opened up laptop and got 19.4 volts at end of power connector harness when not connected to motherboard and approx 0.5 volts at connector pins on motherboard when adapter is connected. Visual inspection of motherboard showed no obvious problems. Battery doesn't have any affect, whether installed or removed. Also removed BIOS battery for 30 seconds and reinstalled. Still no sign of life from laptop. Does this sound like a bad motherboard?

Thanks, LPM

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I had a similar problem with my Tosh. I put the machine aside for a few weeks till I had time to look at it and when I came back to it there was no problem starting it. After that it would sometimes start and sometimes not. I have not been able to determine where the problem lies, but I suspect something in a Windows update just prior to the problem may be the cause. Was your laptop's OS updated recently? What OS are you running?

Try a continuity test without the power adapter. Do the circuit trace ring out from/to the power jack pins? If not, the jack may have broke.

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