I think my laptop hdd has failed, even though it's only 3-3.5 years old. I took the hdd out and put it in an external hdd enclosure and connected it to my desktop. It still makes a clicking noise and my desktop doesn't show it in My Computer. But, I can see it in the boot menu and in device manager under disk management. Is there any way to get the data of this hdd?

Yep your HDD has fried itself with the infamous click of death. You might get some luck sending it to a Data Repair Centre but yet again it's too expensive. Anyway a 1TB HDD only cost about $60-$90 so you might be able to replace it, but you might need to install Windows on it again which can be a pain if you don't have a spare computer to put it on a USB stick.

Good Luck though and hope your laptop and/or Desktop gets fixed soon.

Yep - The click of death. You can try putting the HD in the freezer for an hour then retrying to read data.... Seriously this sometimes works...but it's probably dead.

Best do what xp78user said, buy a new HD, load an OS, and restore your files.

The click of death happens if you've bumped, hit, or dropped the hard drive rendering it unreadable. Putting it in a freezer won't help either because when taken out of the freezer it will start creating water that will soak your hard drive. Anyway im heading in the same direction as my new rig had barely any thermal paste and the CPU got damaged.