Last night I tried hooking my tv up to my computer to use as a second monitor I googled how to do it, Google told me to turn off the computer connect the hdmi cord and turn the computer back on so I did. But when I turned computer back on it said no signal on both my monitor and tv so I turned the computer off again and unplugged the hdmi cable from the computer to return to only using my monitor (which worked fine before I tried hooking tv up) but I just keep getting "no signal" on the monitor.
Everything I have tried
- unplugged power cord from computer and held power button for 1 minute then plugged power cord back in
- took out, ram, video card, and cmos cleaned all and still nothing.
- disconnected hard drive and disk drive
Everything listed above is what I was told to do on other sites, but nothing has worked.
Can you guys help me out? Thank you for your time.

I would check to make sure that your video card is properly seated. I have knocked mine loose a few times when connecting cables. Does the computer power on and are you getting any lights or beep codes when it does. Normally there is a led of some sort on the mother board to show when you have power to the computer. Check the manual for your mother board and find the CMOS reset jumper and clear the CMOS out. Do you get anything when you power it on? Fans spinning, any lights and is there a built in video port on the back of the system?