HELP!!! No beep on my motherboard when i remove the RAM & HDD, i tried another RAM & HDD from another computer but still not working. I checked the RAM & HDD if its working on another, it works, i replace the wires(SATA especially) but nothing change,i also replace the PSU. still no Display. Help, i don't know whats the problem anymore, everything is working fine, it is MOTHERBOARD already??What should i do Next??

Tell more. For example some models do not beep but hold in reset when the CMOS battery is too low.

Tell more. As a PC Tech I expect you to have a Volt meter at the very least to measure and check things. If not, just pop in new batteries as they are cheap in bulk.

And again, tell more. I see nothing about the PC and why you replaced the PSU. Did you measure it? What told you to replace that part?

I'm sorry, i didn't know what to do anymore so, i just tried everthing. I don't know what's the problem now

Since you didn't list what you tried, it's tough to add a new idea except to take it into the shop you deal with for such work.