After recently reciving a used Gateway GT5622 from my grandfather, opened it to see what ram and GPU it was running. About 3 weeks after this, i decided to boot it up and possibly use it for bitcoin mining. I attached the cables for the power supply, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and ethernet. When I attempted to power it on, the power light flashed randomly, one of the fans was in sync with the light, going of at the same time the light did. I then got 3 beeps, and about 2 minutes later, it completely stopped and shut itself down. I learned that the 3 beeps meant a memory issue, so i reseated the ram and gpu, got most of the dust out, and tried again. There were no beeps this time, but the light and fan were still on and off, and i still got no display on the monitor. I have removing the bios battery for a few minutes, and it didnt work, i attempted moving the jumper cap on the three pins (forgot the name, sorry) and it then would not start. i moved it back, and it went back to the condition that it was in. Could anyone help?

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Let's start simple. What is the voltage reading on that CMOS battery. If it's too low, many PCs sit in reset.

At about 9 years old, be sure to inspect for the BAD CAPS plague (google BAD CAPS if you don't remember this one.)

Finally, try it without RAM or GPU. It must beep in protest.

the battery's only engravements are "KTS" "LITHIUM BATTTERY" "JAPAN STD" and "CR2032" and has the numbers 763 stamped on it. all of the visible capacitators look fine, i am now unloading the ram and gpu

A passing voltage here is any reading over 3.00. 3.00 and lower and it gets replaced. A Volt meter is required but if you don't want to get some 10 buck DVM, just put in a new battery.

the pc just shut itself of and never beeped

the battery read a 3.04, so that shouldn't be a problem here

Try to not leave out details. About the PC just shut itself off. After what steps?

For a dead PC we strip it down till it beeps in protest or stays up. At the age of this PC it's not hopeful that it's something minor like the battery after you measured over 3V so try telling me about the shut off. After what was done?

after removing the ram and gpu and trying to power up, it did not beep. It turns out that the cpu was not properly seated, and must've been jostled durng the transit.

I think you marked this solved so I'll comment about the CPU dislodgement. I have yet to see that happen unless the owner had removed the CPU or HSF. If the CPU was dislodged in shipping, we usually find big dents in the case from the drops in shipping.

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