I an using lenovo thinkpad edge 15.The oprating system is windows 7.When I insert data cd in the drive,it doesnot show the files wich are present in the cd.It shows options which are:

  • burn files to disk
  • use cd like a usb
    It shows an empty cd.What should i do?plz tell me the possible solutions for it.

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Click Use CD like a usb.

How do you know the CD contains data on it? Did you put it there yourself? This seems as though the CD is blank so apprently the data may not have been placed on the CD. One way for you to check to see is turn the cd upside down and look for light and dark circles on the disk. The section of the desk which has a heavy purple colour contains information while the other section does not contain anything. Please confirm

I have tried putting it in other computers thatswhy i know that it contains data.I have tried everything but all in vain :(

Have you tried the "Use CD as USB" option?

Have you tried the "Use CD as USB" option?

i might be wrong ,but that could cause a format of the cd,and files on it might get lost ,could it not

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