Used two different tvs, one has hdmi and rgb in, and the other has pc in (vga?) and hdmi, use two different cables and nothing. I have not used the pc in with audio yet (a double sided vga cable with audio for monitor), was wondering if I even need that type of cable. I used hdmi to hdmi and hdmi to dvi for the two cables. I just got the motherboard replaced (for not working in the first place) and I haven't installed anything yet, because need the obvious to do so. Read it could be motherboard again; hope it isn't true. Motherboard has yellow light that glows in and out slowly, fans of cpu and graphic card does spin, tower light and fan works all while powered on. I don't have spare parts since this is my first pc build. Followed online examples/instructions on pc building. Been a laptop user for over 5 years now. I also don't have a pc dedicated monitor and a laptop does display on both tvs through hdmi. Did try both ram? card slots, as well as, unplug everything and back again. Thought this was suppose to be simple but turned into a frustrating few months now. First being the motherboard wasn't working; thought I did something wrong and wasted money. Was so excited to see the tower to power on after replacement and now this new issue. Thank you in advance with help and/or suggestions. Also did read other threads, reason I hint at motherboard and really hope it isn't.

No, didn't build like that box motherboard example. What do I need for cable and do I need a dedicated pc monitor to get ip address? This is pretty new territory for me.

You asked 2 questions.

  1. What do I need for cable?
    The same as what we need in a case. Maybe a few less connections. Hookup varies a little from PC to PC so check the product manuals on what connections are needed.

  2. Do I need a dedicated PC monitor to get IP address?
    That's a simple no. There are many examples of machines that get IP addresses without a dedicated PC monitor. However if you are building a PC you likely want a display so you can install an OS and see what's going on.

Have you tried reseating the video card? If it's not snug you will not get a signal. Have to press pretty hard, double check to make sure that it's locked into place (check the pci express slot - feel that lock if it's down you need to remove the card and try again). Just had this happen in February rma'ed 2 graphics cards and got the third replacement... thought I was going to have to rma it too, but reseating worked for it.

Also keep in mind, the graphics card can also cause random lock ups of the pc, easily fixed by reseating the card. You do have to press hard, a lot of cards are long and you have heatsinks, sata port and other things in the way - hold the card firmly in place while screwing it into the case.

One more thing double check connections, some cards have 2 8 or 6 pin connections and both must be plugged in in order to work.

Good luck.

@rproffitt I've not booted the pc yet, and still can't get a signal on tv screen. So will I need to take it in a repair/pc needs shop to get them to boot it for me since I don't own a monitor capable of seeing os?

@sonya_3 Sigh, thanks for suggestion. I've tried everything mention, I just can't get to boot screen or at least see it. Must I boot it first with OS before seeing it on a tv monitor?

@j, it's odd that you are trying to boot an OS just yet. When you start with a new build you try to get the BIOS to show. If the BIOS won't show, then it's not ready to install or run the OS.

I take your questions seriously. That is you ask something and I'll take it this is what you want to ask rather than the old "I built a PC and it's dead" question. That discussion is out there in the thousands.

If this is the old I built a dead PC question, you start small. No case or drives are required.