Hi all, I was hoping for some advice on a recent problem.

I have a home PC running Windows XP using an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro video card and a Medion monitor. Both the graphics card and monitor are around 6 - 8 months old and were an upgrade to the PC which is around 2 1/2 years old.

Last week I started to get vertical coloured bands appearing on the screen. This appeared to follow a major windows update and I thought this might have caused a problem with some older drivers.

I have since updated the bios, Direct X, the ATI drivers and run windows update without resolving the problem. I rolled back using the saved restore point prior to the Windows update without success and then again updated the drivers and BIOS.

The problem is intermittent which makes me think it's a hardware problem. Sometimes the lines look like the old fashioned cotton sheets with the blue, white and yellow stripes and at other times they are just blue. It sometimes seems to affect parts of the window e.g. if I have a reduced IE window up it might only affect that part of the screen window. Does this indicate a software fault? Occassionally its onlt half the screen that's affected.

I thought it may have been a virus but nothing comes up on the Norton scanner.

Can anyone cast any light on what may be the issue?



Hi all,

This problem appears to habe been due to my ATI Radeon 980 pro 128Mb card becoming unseated. I have re-connected it and the display is fine however now the cooling fan doesn't work and the card overheats.

Does anyone now how I can test whether the fan is broken?