My hard drive is very small. I got it a while ago in an old computer.
Its a DELL computer.
My drive has 37.2 Gigs.
Yes,yes, I know its tiny!
A shrimp!
Thats why Im trying to boot it to the curb.

I have some questions though, thats why I came here!

If I remove my hard drive and replace it with a new one, I loose everything on my computer right.
When I start my comp with a new hard drive inside, it will be empty, nothing on it correct?

If I remove the hard drive and replace it will my comp not boot or work the way it was with my old one.
When i got my computer, it had programs on it.
Most of which I dont know what they do or what ever, Computer is gibberish to me.
I know the basics. Thats it =/

I just dont want to get rid of my old hard drive and loose everything in my comp and not be able to use it again!!!
If I put in a new one it would work right? Like play games, run music, that sort of thing...

Please help me!

I just dont want to get rid of my old hard drive and loose everything in my comp

Just add the second hard drive without removing the first. You can even add it to the same cable - Just remember to change the little jumper to "slave", as the first one is already set on "master".

You may have to format the drive, or set a partition, but most manufacturers give you a utility to do that these days.

When your PC is reading the drive (it should be "D"), move all of your data (eg. "My Documents", not OS or programs) over to the new drive, to make more room on your C drive. Windows likes to live on C drive, so you may as well give it the lot!

Ok, Im not sure there is enough room in my comp for another drive though...
Would It have to be like sitting outside or something!
Remember im not too great with computers...
Im 13 too so....yeah.
Could you explain what ...or how to format the drive or set a partition?
Explain that too me. Ive never heard of it.
Also how to I set the jumper to slave?
Sorry Im so stupid =/

If your PC is a full size desktop, there will be enough room for a second disk in the same rack, alongside the first. You'll need to connect it up to the second connector on the ribbon cable, and use one of the spare Molex (4 pin) plugs from the power supply to plug into the new drive.

As for the installation procedure, you're probably best to seek the assistance of an experienced or professional person, since you can damage things if you're not careful. Best to get help from someone you know that can show you in person.

Hope this helps. :-|