Hi, I'm going to see one of our sites tomorrow and been asked to look at a PC that isn't working. I dont have long there so wondered if anyone had any tips for what i should try to do/test when I do get there. I even sent them a new monitor with computer built in but aparently the same thing is happening on that PC. The problem has been described to me as... 'Just connected it all up and its still not working, it keeps saying monitor going to sleep, on the set up menu it just says no signal and then shuts down'.
Appreciate any ideas or suggestions on what tests (however simple) i should try as it isnt an area I am experianced in. Thanks

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My favorite was.... The PC had onboard and a graphics card. They plugged it into the motherboard and it would boot, show the BIOS, Windows splash screen and then go blank. I bet you know why by now.

You will give me some useful information

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