I came to this site via Google I am trying to use two Logitech cameras for a personal project. I have just started my search but I am finding generalities but so far nothing specific. If I get this working I will post back here. If anyone can point me to specific instructions please let me know.

•Software: I-Catcher Console 3.3
•Cameras 01, 02, & 03 are USB 2.0 A4 Tech webcams. "logi" is for the C500 Logitech (also USB 2.0)

I don't remember the sequence but the following was done before I could get them to work:
•Used 500W PSU.
•Updated USB 2.0 drivers for PC.
•Updated to WinXP SP3.
What I found out:
•300W PSU isn't enough to power up all devices.
•I can use 2 webcams on a yard long USB extension hub.
•None of my A4 Tech webcams work properly on USB 2.0 extensions (I used one 2 meters and another, 5 meters.) If they did work, FPS would be like 0.10 or 1 frame every ten seconds.
•My Logitech C500 worked well with my USB 2.0 extensions cables.

The reason I got into this is because I was challenged by my peers to come up with a cheap surveillance setup.

Hope the input helps.

Ammendum ... that's why manufactuers have to buy multiple copies of Windows for each computer they manufactuer. The same copy of Windows won't install on multiple machines, even if they're the exact same hardware! The hardware's unique identifiers prohibit that.

i know its been some time since u said this but i would like to say that you are incorrect if i would've noticed what you said back in 2003 then my answer would've still been the same. You say that it's impossible to install the same windows version with the same activation code on 2 separate computers. You are Incorrect! I'm not trying to be rude but just to point out that if i had 10 Computers that were the same or not i could make it work with any windows version with one activation code.

Hi have a similar situation to the detials given above.
My intent is to connect 9 webcams through 'SOMETHING' and /to register on a pc/into a PC as grid of 3X3 images.
Feeding the live feeds for manipulation into processing?
any tips,advice and a clue what the SOMETHING is to accept all 9 webcams


I'm not sure where this topic should be posted, but I hope it fits here...

I have been browsing around the Internet for information about using multiple webcams connected to a single computer (I'm interested in webcams for PCs). My problem is that, after a week of searching through the Internet, I haven't found anything that could really answer that question (and sales people at computer stores, including sales support at Logitech, haven't been able to provide me with any solid answer either). What I want is to use three webcams and process those images that come from all these webcams at once (i.e. within an application/software).

Does anyone know if it is possible to connect multiple webcams to a single PC? Has anyone connected and used more than one webcam with the same computer? If it is possible, does anyone know if the same webcam software (or other compatible software) can be used for all webcams involved, or if separate software is needed for each webcam? Or can anyone point me in the direction where I could find more information about this?

I am looking for an answer to these questions mostly because I don't want to go and buy extra webcams if it isn't possible to use multiple webcams in the way I would like to use them.


yes you can. i have two web cams that i am watching now.they are not from the same mfr. one is intel, the other logitech.each has it on software. i dont know if they would work using the same software

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Hi - Just tried it & XP is perfectly happy to run multiple webcams as long as none are identical. Plug them in, go to control panel, scanners & cameras, then click each device in turn at which point a separate window opens for each one. If you try two identical cameras then on opening the second it will tell you "device already in use". Hopes this solves your problem.

It is possible to recieve data feed from both webcams simulantaeously but I don't know about doing that in one software... All the same you should be able to use that webcam's specific software to view all webcams at once...

It is possible use multiple webcams all at the same time. (Download VLC media player 1.1.11) (Open VLC media player 1.1.11) (CLICK Open Media) (CLICK Open capture device) (At the Video device name CLICK the down arrow) (Select your webcam) (Then CLICK PLAY) (Then open another VLC media player 1.1.11 and do the same process)
*****(VLC media player 1.1.11 will allow you to open many VLC window's)*****

I have my videocard ran out to my 1080P LG 47" HD T.V. using a DVI to HDMI cable. Even with a small window opened on my desktop it comes out really huge on my 47" HD T.V.

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