Issue: In Games (only, never windows itself) the system will get into a sound loop or video flicker loop and lock up completely. CTRL+ALT+DEL isn't even a possibility, must use reset button. The system just seems to hang/lock up in games like City of Heros, City of Villains, NFS:Most Wanted, Half-Life2.

SYSTEM (initallly)
AMD X2 3800+ CPU (not being overclocked)
EVGA 133-K8-NF41-AX Motherboard
EVGA nvidia 7800 GT PCIe Video Card (Not overclocked)
Creative SBAudigy2 Value Sound Card
10K 74 GB Raptor SATA
80GB WD SATA drive

Steps Taken
1.System was running perfectly fine, then after several weeks of not playing NFS I tried to play it, and it wouldn't run period. Ok, something strange happened, I will uninstall and reinstall it. When I tried to reinstal it, the installer kept saying DX 9.0c not installed, but it was. <-- 4 weeks ago

2.Then a new COH/COV game patch came out, installed this and the game began locking up. To the point of 4 to 5 times per 30 mins. Annoying. <--2 weeks ago

3.Tried to play Jedi Academy, and it ran like I was on Amphetamines (Speed), so it was unplayable. <-- 2 weeks ago

** Was running 84.21 Nvidia Drivers

4. Installed the latest nvidia 91.47 drivers. Same issues existed, and were seemingly magnified.

5. Installed latest sound/audio and on-board nForce4 dirvers Same results.

6. Formatted system, and reinstalled Windows XP SP2. Windows and all other programs run flawlessly. Tried COH/COV, Half-life2, NFS, and was able to play about 10 to 15 mins before it locked up. <--- Using EVGA shipped drivers (74.21)

7/ Used Driver Cleaner, and removed old drivers, and installed the latest and greastest for all. Able to play about 15 to 30 mins before I locked up.

8. At this point I was thinking it ws the motherboard. Purchased Asus A8n32-SLI Deluxe Board , with all other hardware remaining the same. <--- Used ASUS shipped Drivers Results were the same, but slightly more stable.. NFS now was playable, but had severe screen flicker in menu and load screens. I didn't try the other games, because they take forever to install.

9. Not sure what to try next?
Is it the Video Card, since this only occurs in games??
Is it the SOUND Card, since this only occurs in games and I get a definite sound loop when I lock up??
Is it the Video Card, since this only occurs in games?? -- Go buy an ATI card? hehe

I was thinking of swapping my Audigy2 Gamer-X sound card from another system into this system and see if it changes things? (see sig below for other system, which runs COV/COH fine)


this happens in games with me. my gfx card, cpu and ram were overheating and ended up permenantly damaged

The GPU never goes above 47 degrees celcius

Motherboard / Ram sensors read at 36 degrees.

So it is not a heating problem, but good thought.

If i play bf2 for too long on my 256mb x600 i get pink lines, white/black screen and wierd yellow triangles

i think it overheated just once and that screwe dit for life