When I put a disk into either one of my CD-Rom drives nothing happens...I put it in the DVD drive and try to open it and it says "please insert disc"..Any ideas what the problem could be?...When to the hardware screen and all hardware has a plus next to it...
I believe this means evrerything is running OK...Im not a computer guy by any menas so any help in lamens terms would be much appreciated...Thanks

ok...the cd may have gotten lost. try restarting the computer, see if the light comes on, if not, it may not have power, you have to take off the case and make sure it's plugged in. If it has power (light flickers once or twice), then maybe the cable is not pushed in good, you have to take off the case and push it in. There are usually 2-4 screws you have to remove. If it's a laptop...that's different, have someone look at it.
If it doesn't work after you push in the cables, it could be bad, and it has to be replaced, luckily, they are only about $40 and you can just swap it for the old one, just make sure the cables are correct (also should be slave setting). tommi

Not quite correct, tommi. Optical drives have a habit of 'going missing', particularly when changes have been made to the installed burning software.

For starters, bones50, try opening up Device Manager (Right-click My Computer, and choose Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager)

Find the entries for your Optical drive(s) select them and choose Uninstall for each.

Reboot your system and allow them to be redected and installed again. Report back if there's still a problem please.

I see that this is an old thread but this is exactly the problem I am having. I have 2 DVD drives (1 external) and 1 CD drive and none of them are reading discs. They all have power...they all spin at start up and the 2 that also write seem to have no problem doing that. I have already uninstalled all 3 and had windows re-detect them at start up and have just purchased Norton 360 which found zero issues. I am running xp with service pack 2 installed and all drivers seem up to date. I really do not want to wipe the drive and do a re-install again...just did one about 4 months ago. Anyone have any ideas as to what I can do?

Seem like i'm not the only one having drive problems. When I insert CD the light blinks but doesn't show up when I click my computer (in any drive) I can play a music CD and read other data CD's . I just bought an external rewriter but the same thing happens with it. Can anyone help me out. I'm not a computer person at all but do enjoy it.

hi i let a friend use my laptop. when i got it back my cd-rom was not working it has power but now it wont read any cd's now. come to find out the driver is missing i tryed to uninstall it then restart my lp still the same thing. is there a site were i can reinstall the driver or do i need to reinstall software also? will try anything..