i recently had a computer crash and had to erase a hard drive to get it back. i'm not sure what the problem was but i think it had someting to do with a raid 0 issue. i was using the software raid in win xp.
the system is a amd 2500+ on a fic au13 mb using geil value 512mb pc3200 dual channel and a nvidia 5900xt video card, deskstar 80gb uata 133 hd. i was usnig the mb utilities to run the fsb at 200mhz and never had a problem with crashing or over heating.
now that i try to reinstall windows, it gets like half way through the install and it goes to blue screen. i have tried it several times with the same result. i tried booting from a drive that is working on another system and it will not boot and i get the blue screen. i have removed all of the pci devices, tried different ram and a ati aiw 7500 and 9800 video card, with no luck. i tried using the bios defaults and safe defaults. no luck. i removed the power supply and tried it on another computer and it works fine
i am not sure what to do next. i want to avoid removing the cpu but i don't think i have any other options. i have had a mb go bad on me before and it was obvios cuz it would not even post but this blue screen thing has me confused.
any help would be great.

here is the detailed error:
sxs.dll: syntax error in manifest or policy file "d:\i386\asms\52\msft\windows\net\rtcres\rtcres.man" on line 5.
installation failed : d:\i386\asms. error message : error performing in page operation.

i think i fixed it :)
i tried using an old xp sp1 disk and it is working. the computer was running sp2 , upgraded over the internet. so i figured my new sp2 disk would be fine? could be a bios issue? there is an update available for flash. maby i should try it

that was it. it is up and running now ;) i don't know what is wrong wiht sp2. i have used it on many other systems even older systems with no problem