i have a hp pavilion ze4700 and it was fine wen i last used it... but wen i turned it on this mornin, the screen was completley black! When it 1st comes on, it quickly flickers the 'hp' sign up in white then it stays black! I can just about see the menu bar if i look very hard!! but i literally cant use it as its so dark! ive tried the only thing i know...turning the brightness up, but that didnt work!! Would some1 be able 2 help? Please!!!

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It sounds like a backlight problem. Try pressing the lid close switch a couple of times to see if the backlight will come back on. If it does then the lid close switch is defective. The fact that you can see the HP logo for a short period of time before the screen goes black indicates to me that it is more likely an inverter problem. Try connecting the laptop to an external monitor to make sure the Operating System is loading properly and that you can see the desktop. Once you have checked that, try the function key combination that switches from internal to external display (on my HP it is the Fn and F4 keys). One other thing to check is that the BIOS display setting is either LCD or BOTH. If after checking all this the display still doesn't work properly, you may need to have the inverter or the display cables checked and replaced. If the inverter and the cables check good then you are looking at replacing the LCD.

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