I had my Toshiba running a good drive formatted with Windows98 SE on a 40MB ram installed, it normally has 8MB internal. I set it up on a CD version of the 410 with it's SVGA graphics at 16bits, then swapped to the 8MB display CS series so I could use a game requiring 256 color mode. It now boots saying the IOS system is corrupted or low on memory. I ran the CleanDisk utility and rebooted, same, I ran Scandisk, no errors, rebooted, same message. Not sure what happened since the last time I ran with no problems, however, my idea to fix this is to replace the IOS (I/O subsystem) folder from a working version of Win98 on another computer, putting it on the HDD and then deleting the effected folder under SYSTEM while in SAFE mode.

Does this sound like an effective solution? I can''t think of another as the message offers no more details on the error

You can't just copy over a windows files from another computer, since the key system drivers are set to work on specific hardware. (unless 2 PCs are identical)

Only thing you can do is reinstall the windows.

P.S. You will need to delete the win.com file in order to reinstall the windows.