I have Gateway 600ygr and a week ago when I tried to turn the power button on, nothing happened. But, when I unplugged the power cord and then pluged it back in, the lights and fan sarted blinking. Unfortunately only for 2 seconds and then the laptop died. Eventually I have discovered that besides the trick with the power cord, I could power on the laptop by presing the little button that puts the computer in the stand by mode when closing down the screen, unfortunately for only 2 seconds. When I press this litle button and hold it down, laptop starts normally, but the screen does not lights up. I can see a little under the right lights, but cant manage to see the mouse to get into the windows. External monitor does not work either. I even changed the little circuit board on which this little “sand by mode” button is located with no change. I don’t know where else to look. I hate this Gateway, but that is all I have. Any help I will appriciate very much.

will it power up with just the battery?

you know it sounds like also the power button.

do you hear any beeps?

have you tried a different wall outlet.

take a multi meter and check you power cord for a short.

Actually, I have two power cords and both power cords are good. No beeps, only fan turns on for a second and then everything shots off. Unless, after the fan starts spinning I will press and hold the Sleep/Stand-by button (the button that puts the pc into the stand-by mode when closing the screen). I did not try to power up with just the battery since I don't have one.

Please help?

I borrowed my landlady's laptop Gateway laptop 7322gz was running hot. I turned it off with the power button. Left it off over night. When I went to turn it on the next morning it started but it had a black screen with a white arrow. It would not turn off. I disconnected the AC and took the battery out. It turned off. Minutes later when I went to turn it back on, the power button would not turn on the laptop. Is there any other way I can get this laptop on if the power button is broke please help. My landlady says the laptop cost $1,000.00 I don't have that kind of money to pay her for it. Please help me.