Hi Guys,
Could anyone please let me know what should i do for this problem? In Jan 2007 i installed demon tools and alchol120% softwares. after that when i restared my laptop i'm getting 5 beeps. Soon i uninstalled those softwares, but still i'm getting those 5 beep sounds(very loud) whenever i boot my pc. I even tried to a couple of time to restore my PC to a point before those 2 softwares were installed but of no use. Could anyone please let me know what should i do(other than sending my laptop to the customer care).
Thanks a lot in advance.

P.S. After booting and the desktop is loaded, may be in a couple of mins. it gives 5 beeps. other than the beep sounds, rest everything looks fine.

AMD Turon 64, 2GB RAM,8x dvd writer,120GB HDD, windows XP media center edition

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thank mechbas. I'll check it and see.

look in the dell owners manual for your system (dells site) for a list of what the beep codes mean

sir my dell laptop 1525 in i need to install windows xp so my laptop is not boot on usb cd drivre so pls give the sugetion

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