My computer is an acer 4504LMi. It has Intel Pentium M745 1.8GHz 400MHz 2MB L2 cache. 1G of memory installed. A couple of weeks ago I got my laptop out and tried to start it. The heat sink fan runs for about 3 seconds, as well as the dvd/cd rom. The power light comes on (and stays on) until you turn it off. Nothing else, no beeps no screen. Nothing
I have tried removing the battery, just run from the plug. I put a new hard drive in it, made no difference. I took out the ram and tried them one a time and put them back in, they are well seated. I have the computer stripped down to the motherboard with the cpu on it. Every thing I can see is disconnected exept the speakers. I powered it up and it is the same. I don't have the lcd connected, I was thinking that if it started working again the fan would continue to spin and the laptop would beep. I tried starting it with the cpu and without. No change. How can you tell if it is the motherboard, 100%? If anyone has any suggestions or things I should try, I'm open to all ideas. Thanks

It sounds like the CPU may be overheating, is the heat sink and fan seated properly on the CPU? If the heat sink has come loose from the CPU you should reapply the thermal compound.