I have a HP pavilion a1510n , with 1 gb ram, wanted to upgrade it to 2 ( 2-->4 *512), so I checked the hp website , they say "compatible ram 184 pin, ddr 3200 , sdram, 400mhz, no parity)
I checked the ebay and got the ram with the same description, got the ram by post, first , they look different, each of my ram sticks has 8 chips on just one side (totally 512 mb)
the new chips is both sided, each side has 9 big chips ! and two small one in the middle, but the same 184 pin (the new ram label says: pc3200 ddr sdram 64M*72 512 mb)
I installed just the new rams, dark screen , didnt boot up, long single beeps, repeat every few seconds, then tried all four rams, two old ones in the first two slots, two new ones in the other two slots, the same beep, !!!

any help is DEEPLY appreciated :)

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i know you checked the parity but did you check the EEC, dual channel and buffering requirements?

you need (according to crucial) :

Non Parity
Non Dual Channel

im betting the stuff youve baught is one of these - sorry


512mb is either $50 or $100 each (depends on speed) off crucial btw

Hi, thanks for reply,
the one I got from ebay , the description on ebay :


SPEED:PC3200 400Mhz DDR Memory
Unbuffered, Non ECC, Non Registered
184 Gold-Plated Pins, SPD Support


oh yeah, ignore the link and info i sent you its wrong i was looking at a a510n instead.

http://www.crucial.com/store/listparts.aspx?model=Pavilion+a1510n (2x 512 is $100 here)

according to crucial the voltage should be 2.6 or 2.8v not 2.5v? not sure if this matters though. So, it works fine with just the old ram?

yes, the old ram is ok, the new one not
the bad thing is I have no idea what to do !

What you are describing are double sided module, your motherboard may not be compatible those module. You may have to phone HP to find out.

If you can see if you can get you money back.

This is one of the reasons that I will not buy from Ebay.

The funny thing is : I can put just one of my 512 mb stick on one of the blue (two blue- two black) slots and it works , so the system has 512 mb (hm , so the ddr ram dual channel could work as single channel if not put in paired, interesting , not like old ibm rambus, which never worked as single)
but if I put just one of the new ram sticks, any of them, system doesnt boot up,
I even did the "bios battery thing out and after 30 seconds in"

my only concern is : maybe, there is something in motherboard (damn, the last computer I assembled was 5 years ago, used to do many at that time, no idea of new ones) like jumper or ... that I have to set, if I want to add more ram,
so any help ?: )

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