i am currently using a ATI Radeon X300 graphics card
my friend (jbennet) is offering me an X800 at £20
while another friend of mine is offering me a radeon X1600 for £60
What should i do?!
they both have 256Meg of ram on em so which is better?!
or should i look to buy a new one

Any advice welcome

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without knowing the full specs the x1600 could be a better choice, (it depends on, model range, xt, xxt, gt, also the number of pipelines the frequency speeds, and other factors etc)

try to get the exact model range of both and then google for some specs and compare.

if you want decent graphics for gaming, (especially newer games) you might consider a new card like the geforce 8 or a ATI HD cards.

but again that depends on other factors like if you are using pci-e or agp, your budget and your needs, gaming, general processing or media editing

i hope i was some help


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