hi there guys,
I am having problems with booting my PC. It was working fine till few days back it suddenly shut down. Now every time i try to boot the PC , it doesnt start, no BIOS sound, no splash screen nothin. In my attempt to figure out whats wrong I had opened up the CPU removed and cleaned the heat sink above the processor and refitted it again. I fugured out that the LED on the motherboard is glowing and both the fans (processor and CPU) start off when i click the ON switch, but the moment I leave the button the fans get switched off too. However the motherboard still shows the power supply on. My machine is about 4-5 years old and has recently been operating in warm environments.

The specifications of my machine are
m/b: Intel D845GEBV2
RAM 256 MB
P4 2.4 GHz

Kindly do help me out

Thanks in Advance

Re: Not able to boot up my pc 80 80

Hmm yeah, my initial thaught was overheating leading to permanent cpu damagebut it may be something else. lets cover all the bases first.

A: Unplug your machine and destatic yourself and remove all non critical components (all cards except for the video card, if you need that to work the machine) - leave only the keyboard and monitor attatched.

B: Remove all the ram and the video card and reseat them again (put the video card back again if you need it to work the machine)

C: Clean dust from all components

D: Try and boot the machine. If this doesnt work then try booting with dffernt ram sticks (e.g if you have 2, try each on its own) in case it is bad ram.

E: If that doesnt solve it then its most llikely either the PSU / button assembly or the CPU

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